Samsung Galaxy Watch Review: Feature-Rich With Great Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy Watch: Our Summary And Verdict

We really like Samsung's new Galaxy Watch. Samsung has improved upon or refined almost every aspect of the device versus its previous-gen wearables. Our experience using the Galaxy Watch daily was pleasurable, overall. The device offers excellent battery life, and array of useful features, and it just plain looks good while doing it. The performance of the Galaxy Watch is also stellar – button presses, swipes, taps, and rotating the bezel result in near instant reaction and all on-screen animations are smooth and fluid.

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Over the course of the last couple of weeks, we did experience a couple of hiccups with the Galaxy Watch software, however, that we should point out. On one occasion, the device stopped showing notifications, though it did vibrate as if it had received them, and it became unresponsive to taps in any apps, including the settings menu. And on one other occasion, the screen showed some graphical artifacts that looked like static. Rebooting the device resolved both issues, however. In addition, there have since been two updates pushed to the Galaxy Watch that address stability, so these issues may have been due to pre-release software woes that have since be resolved. In any case, even with a couple of minor hiccups, our experience with the Samsung Galaxy Watch has been enjoyable and it's a useful tool as well.

The 46mm Bluetooth / WiFi model we showed you here has an MSRP of $349; the smaller 42mm model is priced at $329. That’s a pretty penny for wearable device, but the price is justifiable when you consider the extensive feature set, excellent battery life, premium materials and build quality, and variety of customization options available. The Galaxy Watch isn’t a simple fitness wearable made to look like a watch – it’s a tiny mobile device capable of running apps, making calls, monitoring health data, and automatically tracking activity, wrapped up in an attractive and durable package. If you’ve been tempted by some of Samsung’s previous wearables, and you like the styling, you’ll want to check out the Galaxy Watch. It is a high quality device that can be customized to fit the needs of almost anyone.

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  • Attractive Design
  • Durable And Water Resistant
  • Highly Customizable
  • Buttery Smooth Performance
  • Somewhat Pricey
  • Some Minor Software Hiccups
  • A Little Thick

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