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Sample Images and Video

No camera review would be complete without a look at some sample images. Here are some of the images we captured during our time with the Galaxy Camera. Overall, we were pleased with the results and felt they were on par with what you should expect from a point-and-shoot camera. We were particularly impressed at the camera’s ability to capture respectable images in low-light environments without using the flash.  The zoom capabilities of the camera are impressive as well. In the picture of the flag below, we used the full extension of the 21x zoom.


Indoors, with flash



Indoors, no flash



Outside, last image of flag uses full 21x zoom

The Galaxy Camera is also capable of recording 1080p HD video. During our tests with the camera, video quality was good, though some indoor videos were a tad grainy in lower-lit rooms.

There is a slight delay in focusing if you move the camera quickly or use the zoom while capturing video, but it's no worse than other point-and-shoot cameras.

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