Samsung 883 And 983 DCT SSD Review: Enterprise Class Storage At Consumer Prices

Samsung SSD DCT 883 And 983 - Performance Summary And Conclusion

Performance Summary: The Samsung 883 DCT and 983 DCT drives performed well throughout our testing. Due to the limitations of its legacy SATA interface, the Samsung 883 DCT obviously couldn’t offer the same level of performance as the NVMe-based 983 DCT, but it is among the highest performing SATA-based drives and is available in a wide range of capacities (240GB – 3.84TB). The U.2 Samsung 983 DCT drives we tested routinely offered better read performance than a competing Intel SSD DC P4510, and they offered lower latency under the most demanding workloads (100% random 4K, and under load), but the Intel drive had better write performance overall with lower latency in the remainder of the test.

We expect enterprise-class solid state drives to cost more than their consumer-oriented counterparts, due to the additional qualification they go through and features like power-loss protection. While some enterprise-class SSDs command prices that are sometimes 5X - 10X a standard consumer drive, the Samsung 883 DCT and 983 DCT drives are not among them. The higher-capacity Samsung 883 DCT drives featured here, for example, can be found for roughly $0.18 – $0.22 per gigabyte – that works out to $699 for the massive 3.84TB drive. Despite offering much higher performance, the Samsung 983 DCT drives aren’t price much higher. The 960GB 983 DCT drives can be found for $249 - $269 and the 1.92TB drives for about $495 - $499 (depending on the form factor). That works out to about $0.22 - $0.25 per gigabyte.

If either of the Samsung DCT-family of drives featured here are well suited to your particular use case, they are good performers with competitive pricing and long warranties, backed by one of the leaders in solid state storage.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Low Latency
  • Good Performance
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Lower Write Speeds Than Intel Drive
  • Relatively Low Endurance Rating

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