Samsung CF591 Curved Monitor Review

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Samsung CF591 Curved Monitor Final Analysis

We like the Samsung CF591.  The curved panel and thin bezel combined to make a very immersive experience when we played games and watched movies. But when it came to checking email or browsing the web, the curve didn’t necessarily enhance the experience.

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The lack of height adjustment options will annoy some home users, but this strikes us as a bigger issue for offices. As we mentioned earlier, we would have liked to have seen a USB hub and better cable management options too, but these aren’t major gripes. Samsung hit the major points, such as picture quality and build quality. Even with the white plastic stand, the monitor comes off as a sturdy device. The AMD FreeSync support (even over HDMI) and other game-related features are icing on the cake.

When it comes to business use, the CF591 is an affordable, stylish option that would be at home on many client-facing desks, even with the lackluster cable-management clip. On the other hand, the display isn’t cut out to be an office workhorse in our opinion. The lack of height adjustment is probably going to be an issue for some employees, while others will want swivel and rotate functionality.

The speakers are fine for home use and small offices that need simple audio output, but we doubt gamers will settle for the CF591’s speakers. That's the case for just about any built-in monitor speakers, though.

Our overall impression of the Samsung CF591 is that it’s a good options for users looking for a stylish, high-quality curved monitor on a budget. The monitor is sturdy and sleek and has some decent gaming features, to boot. As we said, the CF591 can also find a home in certain offices, but it strikes us as a consumer display its core.

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hot not 
  • 1800R panel curve
  • Stylish design for this
    price range
  • AMD FreeSync support
  • Simple OSD menu
  • Reasonable price
  • Limited adjustment options
  • Few extras, such as USB hub
  • Minimal cable management

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