Samsung CF591 Curved Monitor Review

A Closer Look at the Samsung CF591 Curved Monitor

Although there are plenty of larger monitors than the 27-inch CF591, this display is going to turn heads. The curvature is 1800R, which is a tighter curve than we’ve seen in some other curved monitors from Samsung. The monitor’s pronounced curve is eye-catching enough, but it also has a very slim bezel. Samsung says that bezel is so thin that the image seems to float in mid-air. While we tech journalists have a deep-seated skepticism of marketing-speak, this particular gem isn’t that far from the truth. The bezel design (which is thickest at the bottom of the display) gave us a vague floating vibe. 

samsung cf591 013

The slim bezel is also handy for multi-monitor setups. Samsung recently showed off three CF591s, which make for a stunning, wide multi-monitor setup. And thanks to the low-ish price, a curved, three-monitor setup would probably cost you less than $1,000.

samsung cf591 005

As for style, the CF591 has plenty. The white-and-metallic color scheme gives the monitor a clean look. Samsung keeps the monitor free of visible buttons by putting the OSD controls on the back of the display. The joystick control is easy to reach and is as easy to use as a set of buttons, in our opinion. The monitor has a single, blue status light.

samsung cf591 007

The CF591 has a very slim profile. The monitor is 5.6-inches thick at its center, but it doesn’t appear that way because the edges on either side are less than 0.5 inches thick.

One feature that didn’t impress us is the cable clip. The CF591 has a very slim, plastic stand that does little to block your view of the cables dangling from the back of the monitor. The clip at the top brings your cords together behind the stand, but they promptly spread out again without a second clip or some other sort of guide near the bottom. Given Samsung’s emphasis on style with the CF591, the monitor’s cable management could be better.

samsung cf591 004

samsung cf591 006

Samsung gives the CF591 solid tilt capabilities (from -2 to 20 degrees), but that’s about it. The monitor doesn’t swivel, but you can lift-and-turn it easily enough. The real issue is height adjustment, which the display completely lacks. If it’s too high or too low for you, you’re on your own. Considering that Samsung is touting the CF591’s ability to immerse you in your game (or movie), it’s a little surprising that the display doesn’t have more adjustment options. Obviously, turning the monitor to portrait mode is out of the question.

samsung cf591 015

The on-screen display (OSD) menu is very straightforward. You have access to typical brightness and contrast controls, along with Samsung features for customizing the picture. Head into the System menu, and you’ll find the FreeSync option, along with some eco settings for power conservation. The monitor also has features meant to reduce eye strain by limiting screen flickering and blue light, which you can enable from the OSD. The Picture menu has the Game Mode option we spoke of earlier for non-FreeSync users.

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