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The PQI PQI3200-1024DBU Turbo Memory modules offer some of the lowest latencies available on the market at 400MHz DDR.  While PQI may not be widely recognized as high-performance memory providers, they are competing on the same level as the bigger name companies.  Crucial, Mushkin and Corsair all offer low-latency solutions based on the Samsung K4H560838F-TCCD ICs, and PQI is right up there, too.  

In our tests, the PQI3200-1024DBUs turned out terrific performance along with impressive overclocking results. Perhaps the overclocking results with aggressive timings were a little low when compared to similar modules, but you can't help but be impressed by the 520MHz we hit with conservative timings.  As we mentioned earlier, we believe that at 520MHz, the limitation may still have been our motherboard and not the memory, so these numbers could go even higher in the right system.  We should also note that this was some of the most stable memory we've used to date. We installed it on a wide range of motherboards briefly, including NFORCE 3 250Gb, VIA K8T800, ATI IGP9100, Intel 865PE and 875P, none of which encountered any issues.

In the end, we found the PQI PQI3200-1024DBU Ultra Low Latency Turbo Memory to offer excellent performance, stability and overclockability at a competitive price point.  At the writing of this review, the PQI PQI3200-1024DBU Turbo Memory was retailing for $245, which is quite competitive when you factor in the low latencies this memory can run at.  Corsair's XMS equivalent runs $40 more, while Mushkin's LII tops out at $330.  We believe this makes the PQI3200-1024DBU Ultra Low Latency Turbo Memory one if the best values currently available for low-latency PC3200 DDR memory.  Anyone looking to get on the low-latency bandwagon should strongly consider PQI's PQI3200-1024DBU kit. 

We Give the PQI PQI3200-1024DBU Ultra Low Latency Turbo Memory a HotHardware Heat Meter Rating of 9.5

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