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The PNY Quadro 4 900XGL
Professional MCAD Testing Of Nvidia's Flagship Workstation Card

By -John Fiegener
September 16, 2002


Our SPECapcSW testing was a more conclusive with respect to the power behind  the Quadro4 900 XGL.

SPECapcSM Benchmark for SolidWorks 2001Plus? and the conclusion
Where things get interesting





Even with more than twice the RAM of the two Elsa Gloria II and the Geforce 2 Ultra, the 900 XGL was just not a differentiator, with respect to IO and CPU testing.  That's no real surprise because these two tests are much more system bandwidth limited than anything else.  However, the Quadro4 900 XGL claimed victory hands down against  the competition in the graphics tests and overall.   This is to be expected but we were really hoping to see less of a horse race versus the GVX1 card.  The 900 XGL is more than 2 generations ahead of the other cards in this competition and certainly at a higher price tag, coming in at around $1000 or so in our HotHardware CNet price search engine.


Although were somewhat disappointed with results of this card, compared with technology that we've have had in the lab for two years now, we must admit that the 900XGL did out perform every other card in the office. Its the degree of which it "out performed" that has us a little perplexed. We really expected the PNY Quadro 4 900 XGL to dominate in all categories. We were completely surprised by the results and performed the tests multiple times only to draw the same conclusion.  Will we see better Professional Graphics performance with future driver releases?  That certainly is a possibility but it remains to be seen.  It also would be interesting see how this top of the line NVIDIA offering compares with some of the other leading edger cards in professional MCAD arena, like the 3D Labs Wildcat III.

For now, we're giving the PNY Quadro 4 900XGL a HotHardware Heat Meter rating of...


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