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The PNY Quadro 4 900XGL
Professional MCAD Testing Of Nvidia's Flagship Workstation Card

By -John Fiegener
September 16, 2002

The Kit
No frills

This professional cards come with little goodies. For the price you pay for these cards, it would be nice to get a few perks such as some use full bundled software or a game preview, flattering the power of the new technology. But no, in the high end workstation card arena, you get the card the drivers and that's about it.

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Drivers and Utilities
Detonator 40

The card installed on multiple machines with out a hitch. The CD provided by PNY made the driver installation simple and painless. The card came in the PNY box with the drivers on CD and the adapter dongle that allows users with traditional CRT's to use the card. The card can support 2 flat panel monitors via the new "nView" technology developed by Nvidia.  We used the old work horse of the industry, the standard 21" cathode-ray tube. I must say that I found the additional 2" dongle connected to my CPU a little annoying. Having the cable come into the box perpendicular already makes it an object that is subject to occasional impact.  Now add 2 more inches and it becomes a much larger target. I'm also one of those guys who is in and out of his case so much that I rarely screw down the connector screws. That's not the case with this dongle.  You have to screw it in or any small impact or shake from moving your chair, can cause your screen to go black.  We won't moan too much here however, because the upside is dual DVI output, which will be a real plus for some folks.


The drivers that were supplied were a little older than the current drivers available from Nvidia, so we downloaded the latest drivers from them directly.  Versus a consumer card, the driver control panels don't differ much in the Quadro 4 line.  Regardless, we took a couple screen captures as a refresher.  The 900 XGL allows for the traditional application customization. I ran the Pro/E test using the default and the Pro setting and saw no change on the test results, SPECviewperf or the Ocus Bench.  The Detonator 40 drivers provides antialiasing via a control panel option, as well as setting up your nView desktop management options and display type.


The Test Setup
Let's role

Mid Tower ATX Case w/ 400W PS, Pentium 4 1.6GHz  (Provided By OutsideLoop Computers) over clocked to 2.4GHz, ASUS P4B533 P4 DDR  Motherboard, 512MB of Mushkin 2100  DDR, Seagate 40 GB  7200 RPMHD, PNY Quadro 4 900XGL, Asus 52X CDROM, Windows XP, Detonator 40 Drivers

The Test Applications

The test bed consisted of 4 cards running through the same grueling graphic and CPU intensive exercises, provided by two respected agencies. SPEC provided Viewperf 7.0 as well as the SPECapc Benchmark for Solidworks 2001 plus. The Pro/ENGINEER testing was done with use of the OCUS Bench. Olaf Corton has been producing a very reliable Pro/E bench marks since the mid 90's. His test have become the standard in the community as a reliable way of testing systems with a variety of Pro functions both simple and complex.

Although SPEC does produce a Pro/E benchmark, we find the SPEC test to be more time consuming than necessary. The Ocus bench gives a straight look at performance of your machine running some basic tasks. Olaf has also recently expanded his benchmark to include new features of Pro and increased the intensity of the test on both the CPU and graphics.

Card Memory Drivers
PNY Quadro 4 900 XGL 128MB DDR Detonator 40
3D Labs GVX1  32MB SDR 2.16-0849
Elsa Gloria II (Quadro) 64MB DDR Detonator 40
Leadtek Geforce 2 Ultra w/ SoftQuadro 64MB DDR Detonator 40

Note that the Leadtek is enhanced through the use of the Softquadro driver patch that I obtained from  This patch allows the user of  Geforce II to modify the driver to allow the Geforce to act as if it was a Quadro. Go to to find out more.


SPECViewperf 7.0 Testing

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