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The PNY Quadro 4 900XGL
Professional MCAD Testing Of Nvidia's Flagship Workstation Card

By -John Fiegener
September 16, 2002


In recent years, Olaf Corton has expanded his OCUS bench to include more features and assembly operations. As the speed of CPUs have risen, so too has the need for more comprehensive testing applications. Previous versions of the OCUS bench were allowing the computers being tested to obtain results close to or under 60 seconds. The new test can not be compared to the older version, due to the more complex nature of the test. 

Ocus 3.1 Benchmarks (Pro/E 2001)
Olaf Corton's finest



 Lower Scores Are Better



You can see in the OCUS test, that the 900 XGL outperforms the pack handily but for the price point you might think it would dominate with a little more muscle.  The card was just marginally faster, 2% to be exact, than the Elsa Gloria II Quadro or the Geforce 2.  It was actually ever so slightly slower in the graphics benchmark.  Not a very impressive start for such a pricey entry.  We ran the test a few times with the same conclusive results.  It looks like digging around on Ebay might produce some better values, at least in this application.  For those of you on a budget plan you can't beat the performance of the Geforce 2 Ultra.  Regardless, if you are concerned about certifications, warranty and support (who isn't?), you still have a serious performer with the Quadro4 900XGL. 

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