PDP Systems PDC22G4200+XBLK DDR2

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It seems that while there are a number of big name companies on the market pushing quality DDR2 memory, there is a healthy group of lesser known competitors as well.  The latest is PDP Systems and their Patriot Series of Dual-Channel modules.  These are the lowest latency modules we've seen to date and they performed well above any expectations we may have had.  The modules boasted excellent performance results across the board and managed terrific overclocking potential as well.  Stability was equally impressive without a single glitch in all of our testing.  What really stood out to us was the overclocking performance with low latencies, where the modules easily topped our comparison chips by a decent margin. 

If you are looking to make the move to DDR2 and want to do it right by getting yourself a 2GB set, the Patriot PDC22G4200 series are an excellent choice.  Granted, 2GB of DDR2 will set you back close to $600, but, in the end, that's actually a pretty good price for a 2GB kit of this quality.  Currently, the Patriot series are widely available at a number of online retailers, including LexSys Micro who providing the product for testing.

We give the PDP Systems Patriot PDC22G4200 DDR2 memory Hot Hardware Heat Meter Rating of a...


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