Olympus Stylus Tough-8000

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The Olympus Stylus Tough-8000 captured good quality images during my review. Although a handful of images were slightly noisy, the overall quality was respectable, especially given this camera’s ability to go where other cameras wouldn’t dare venture (like swimming pools).

The camera’s lens seemed to struggle some to keep up with the extreme pixel density of the sensor. You’ll also notice noise in some of my test shots. Still, most compact camera users will be happy with the Stylus Tough-8000’s image quality, especially if you are content avoiding extremely large-sized prints.

Although a snorkeling trip would certainly be an ideal test for this camera, it wasn’t feasible during our review period. As a result, my underwater test images are limited to those taken in a pool. You’ll notice the underwater images are not quite as sharp and detailed as some of the other (dry) shots. To be fair, these images were taken in a pool that wasn’t perfectly clean. You’ll also notice the underwater flash picture did a good job at capturing skin tones. For many users, the thrill of being able to use this camera in situations where other cameras wouldn’t dare tread will make up for some of the lost image quality.





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