OCZ Z-Drive m84 PCI-Express SSD Review

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PCMark Vantage HDD (cont.)

Our next series of Vantage tests will stress the current weakness of most NAND Flash, that being write performance. Applications like video editing, streaming and recording are not what we would call a strong suit for the average SSD, due to their high mix of random write transactions. 

Futuremark's PCMark Vantage

Interestingly here, the performance of our Intel X25-M RAID 0 arrays completely skews the graph in the Windows Media Center test.  In their white paper, Futuremark claims this specific test "measures concurrent disk drive performance of Media Center tasks, including SDTV video playback, SDTV video streaming to a Windows Media Center Extender and SDTV video recording," with about 50% read and 50% write operations.  The Intel RAID arrays completely out-classes the Z-Drive here and in fact the only victory it was able to chalk up was in the application loading test versus a single Intel X25-M SSD.

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