Toshiba OCZ VX500 SATA SSD Review: Fast, Affordable Storage

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OCZ VX500 - The Wrap Up

Performance Summary: The OCZ VX 500 series solid state drives we tested performed relatively well throughout out battery of benchmarks. In the trace-based PCMark tests, the drives put up some of the best numbers we have seen from mainstream SATA SSDs. Read and write bandwidth overall are strong as well, and are essentially bumping into the limits of the SATA interface. We saw some relatively high latency in the read test according to HD Tune, but writes were in-line with competing drives. Performance with 4K transfers was competitive as well.

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OCZ VX500 Series SSDs - Find Them At Amazon

These new OCZ VX500 series drives will be available very soon, in capacities ranging from 128GB all the way on up to 1TB. The MSRPs for the drives are as follows:
  • VX500 128GB - $63.99 
  • VX500 256GB - $92.79 
  • VX500 512GB - $152.52 
  • VX500 1TB - $337.06
If we disregard the 128GB drive for a moment, which comes in around $.50 per GB, the rest of the line-up lands at right around $0.33 per GB. That’s not quite as affordable as some lower-performing / lower-endurance drives featuring TLC NAND, but those prices are competitive with other MLC-based offerings that offer similar performance. OCZ, however, goes the extra mile with an advanced 5 year warranty, with easy product replacement should the need arise, its excellent SSD Toolbox utility, and an included copy of Acronis True Image HD 2016. Considering their warranty, relatively strong performance, high endurance, bundle, and that street prices are likely to tap-dance below MSRP once availability ramps, these new SSDs from Toshiba-OCZ are a solid value.

  • Affordable Pricing
  • High Endurance
  • Good Performance With Typical Desktop Workloads
  • 5-Year Advanced Warranty
  • High Read Latency
  • Pricier Than TLC-Based Drives

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