OCZ Vertex Limited Edition, SandForce Powered SSD

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PCMark Vantage (Continued)

Our next series of Vantage tests will stress write performance more so than the previous set. Applications like video editing and recording are not what we would call a strong suit for the average SSD, due to their high mix of random write transactions. 

Futuremark's PCMark Vantage

Here, the OCZ Vertex LE puts up a command performance.  If you're concerned about application load times (which is the one read intensive test in the mix here), this drive is easily the fastest SSD on the market right now, at least according to PCMark Vantage.  It literally smoked all other drives in the application loading test, even the 6Gbps SATA connected Micron C300. From there the Vertex LE traded a few victories off an on with the 6G SATA enabled C300 but blew out every other 3G SATA connected SSD in all the tests here.  It was damn impressive to see the Vertex LE do as well as it did in this test run and we think it's a clear indication of how well the drive will do in a real end user application usage model.

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