OCZ Trion 150 SSD Review: Affordable, Fast Storage

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OCZ Trion 150 Summary and Conclusion

Performance Summary: The 480GB and 960GB OCZ Trion 150 series solid state drives we tested performed well throughout our entire battery of tests. Our ATTO and CrystalDiskMark tests showed very good small file transfer and sequential performance that’s competitive with some more expensive drives. The trace-based PCMark tests showed the Trion 150 trailing the other drives we tested slightly, but the deltas separating the drives were relatively small. Overall, performance was good, especially considering how affordable these drives are.

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OCZ Trion 150 Series Solid State Drives -- Find Them At Amazon

The OCZ Trion 150 series is an update to last year’s Trion 100. The drives use a similar Toshiba controller, but OCZ moved to newer 15nm NAND in the Trion 150, and the drives’ firmware has been tweaked to optimize performance in a wider variety of workloads. OCZ is also being rather aggressive about pricing on these drives. Street prices for the Trion 150 drives are currently...

At those prices, all of the capacities from 240GB on up average out to approximately $0.28 per gigabyte for the new Trion 150. The 128GB drive is about $0.38 per gigabyte. Prices that low aren’t unheard of in the current SSD landscape, but they are still very low, and put some high capacity drives well within reach of most consumers.

In the end, the new OCZ Trion 150 series drives aren’t world-beaters, but they do offer very good overall performance considering their relatively low, affordable pricing. If you’re considering a SATA SSD for a system upgrade, the OCZ Trion 150 series is definitely worth checking out.

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  • Good Performance
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Excellent Warranty
  • Middling Performance In Some Tests
  • No Track Record For 15nm NAND

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