NVISION 08 Day 2: Keynote, NASA, Kyle Busch and Exhibitors

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The exhibit hall was filled with companies showing off their products based on NVIDIA technology. In addition to a number of cars on display from Maserati, BMW, and Audi featuring navigation / entertainment systems powered by NVIDIA’s products, NVIDIA’s other partners were in attendance.



OCZ was at NVISION showing off their memory and the very cool NIA—Neural Impulse Actuator, and MSI and ECS were as well with a complete line-up of motherboards and graphics cards in tow. XFX and Palit were on the show floor too, also talking about their NVIDIA-based graphics cards and/or motherboards. Super Talent was in attendance as well, showing off memory and solid state drives.



EVGA, PNY and Thermaltake were also in attendace. EVGA and PNY were both showing off an array of NVIDIA technology-based products, as well as adjacent products relavent to the visual computing theme of the event.

Thermaltake wasn’t showing off any NVIDIA-based products per say, but they did have a number of coolers and cased on hand that were compatible with NVIDIA’s products.


Asus has a relatively large display on the show floor as well, stocked with a number of graphics cards and motherboards and a trio of slick gaming notebooks. Asus also enlisted the help of expert overclockers Fugger and Kingpin. A cascading, vapor-phase change cooler was in the booth, mounted to an Asus motherboard. We weren’t able to see what kind of overclocks they had achieved, however.

We'll have more to come from NVISION 08, including some video highlights as well, so stick around!

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