NVISION 08 Day 1: Jen-Hsun Huang's Keynote

Multi-Touch Interfaces, Trisha Helfer

NVIDIA Accelerates the Search For a Cure

Perhaps the most impressive demo shown during Jen-Hsun Huang’s keynote was of multi-touch display and interface that uses the computational power of the GPU.


We took some video of the demo that should be posted in the next day or so, which you must come back and check out. Jen-Hsun and the speaker both manipulated images and maps on-screen, in real time, with smooth fluid motion. This demo has to be seen to be appreciated, so please do stop back to watch the video from the event once we have it live.



Finally, Jen-Hsun brought out the gorgeous Tricia Helfer, of Battlestar Galactica. Tricia spoke about how having to work alongside digital characters has transformed acting. She gave numerous examples of how she would have to do multiple shoots that would all eventually be composited together, to make it appear as if all of the digital and live characters were all on camera at once. Although there wasn’t much technical substance to Tricia’s talk her presence was certainly welcome. For all of you BSG fans out there, she is definitely more beautiful in person.

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