NVIDIA Unleashes Quadro 6000 and 5000 Series GPUs

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SPECviewperf 11: Lightwave and Maya

SPECviewperf 11: Lightwave 3D and Maya
Multi-threaded 64bit Rendering

We find the new Quadros firmly in command during our Lightwave 3D benchmark. The 6000 continues to shine as it holds a 14% lead over the next best card, the Quadro 5000. Additionally, the V8800 still can't catch NVIDIA's flagship cards, as it trails the 6000 by 18%.

Maya shows a measurable separation between the Quadro models. Here, the 6000 leads the 5000 by 29%, and beats out the FirePro V8800 by 68%. On the other hand, we find a healthy 84% performance increase going from the FX 4800 to our new Quadro 5000.

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