NVIDIA SHIELD TV (2017) Review: Smart Home, 4K HDR, And Game Streaming

NVIDIA SHIELD TV Performance Bechmarks

When we initially tested the SHIELD TV, we sideloaded some benchmarks to see how the Tegra X1 stacked up to some other SoCs in terms of performance. We’re not going to dwell on the numbers much, because suffice it to say the SHIELD TV is the most powerful device in its category. We should note, however, that comparison data here is limited to larger format Android (and other platforms) devices with similar ARM-based silicon platforms, rather than smartphones and the like. 

geekbench shield tv

gfx bench

3dmark shield

3dmark shield 2

We also monitored the SHIELD's power consumption in a few different circumstances.


When idling, but with an image being displayed on-screen, the device pulled about 3 watts from the wall. While streaming a video from YouTube (or streaming a game), power jumps to about 6 watts. And while running a native game on the device, power jumps and just missed the 20 Watt mark.

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