NVIDIA Quadro CX Pro Graphics For Adobe CS4

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Premiere Pro Encoding

Premiere Pro Video Encoding Performance
Lower Times Are Better

Just as expected, media encoding is extremely fast on the QuadroCX, when using the bundled RapiHD GPU offloading plugin. Of the cards in these test, the QuadroCX is the only one which is able to use this plugin, and we see encoding times drop significantly across the board. Our 1080p encoding test shows nearly a 50% drop in encoding times, which can be a huge benefit if you're rendering content which is anything more than a few minutes long. If you're rendering content which is in the hour+ range, this performance difference will indeed make this card a necessity.

If you don't use the RapiHD plugin, the QuadroCX will perform on par with these other cards, as the encoding is offloaded onto the system's CPU, which showcases why all the other cards show virtually the same numbers. Let there be no doubt though, when the RapiHD plugin and GPU processing get into the mix, we see a major shift forward in video encoding speed.

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