MSI NX7950GX2-T2D1GE GeForce 7950GX2

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Overclocking the NX7950GX2


The default core and memory clock speeds for the NX7950GX2 are 500MHz and 600MHz (1.2GHz effective), respectively. We used Coolbits to overclock the card to 550MHz (core) and 1.4GHz (memory). It was perfectly stable at these speeds. As you can see in the graphs below, the clock bumps definitely helped the GX2 make up some ground on the pair of 7900 GT Xtreme cards, which are clocked at 550MHz (core) and 1.63GHz (memory).

Overclocking the NX7950GX2
Time for Some Turbo Charge Action

The core was overclocked 10%, and the memory was overclocked 16.7%. This resulted in a performance gain of 4-10%. Not too shabby.

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