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CyberLink Multimedia All the Way

The CyberLink Multimedia CD comes chock full of useful software, but be aware that these are not the latest titles available.  For example, PowerCinema 3.0, Power2Go 4, MakeDVD 1 and PowerProducer 2 have all been updated at least one version on the CyberLink site.  Nonetheless, these titles are useful and will make you eligible for upgrade pricing, if and when you are ready for an upgrade.


All four titles can be installed from a single menu.  First in the list is CyberLink's PowerCinema which brings a Windows Media Center feel allowing user's to play TV and Radio (TV/FM Tuner Required), watch and record DVDs, as well as viewing pictures and playing music.  For those looking for a Windows XP Media Center environment without the upgrade, PowerCinema is a viable, although less robust alternative.  CyberLink's MakeDVD follows in the appearance of PowerCinema 3, but instead focuses on DVD authoring. With MakeDVD, creating VCD, SVCD and DVDs is a simple task.  The software supports various video quality modes and is both PAL and NTSC ready. 


If you are looking for a more "professional" DVD authoring tool than MakeDVD's simplistic approach, then PowerProducer 2 Gold brings more options to the game.  PowerProducer 2 Gold brings advanced DVD, SVCD, VCD authoring as well as creating VR and Divx media as well.  There is also a right-to-disc feature that takes a video input signal and burns it directly to disc.  The Disc Utilities section is also feature rich with options to Erase, Copy, Defragment, Burn from an image, record a disc image and burn from a DVD folder.  There is also a Make Compatible option that will convert editable DVD-VR media so it will work with most DVD players.

Rounding out the CyberLink bundle is Power2Go which is an all-inclusive CD/DVD authoring program.  Power2Go can record both CD and DVDs, including data, video and music discs.  Video and Photo discs can also be authored as well as simple tasks like disc copying, audio ripping and audio converting. 

In each application, the CyberLink software has easy to follow interfaces that novices and advanced users should appreciate.  What's even nicer is, while each program carries the MSI logo, there is no lockout, so you can install the software on any PC, not just one with an MSI product installed.


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