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The MSI K7T266 Pro DDR Socket A Monster
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By, Marco "BigWop" Chiappetta
June 14, 2001

We ran ZD's Content Creation and Business Winstone benchmarks to test "real-world" performance in Multimedia and Office type applications.

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The DDR equipped K7T266 Pro outperformed the KT7A-RAID by approximately 10% at the same clockspeed.  "Office" type applications are plenty fast on any high-performance PC though, the 10% performance increase is unperceivable in real world use.


Although the MSI K7T266 Pro again outperformed the KT7A, I expected to see a larger gap in this test.  I figured the multimedia applications comprising this test (Photoshop, Premiere Etc.) would benefit more from the increased memory bandwidth.  At higher bus speeds, I suspect the KT266 would have a larger performance lead.

Throughout testing, the MSI K7T266 Pro was a top-notch performer.  In addition to it's excellent performance, the K7T266 Pro was perfectly stable.  Even while overclocking our test system was rock-solid. We didn't experience a single crash or lock-up.

We have no choice but to praise the MSI K7T266 Pro.  As was the case with the Apollo 133A, as the KT266 has matured it's stability and performance has dramatically increased.  Reviewing the feature list reveals that there is currently no other, widely available DDR / Socket A board as feature rich as the MSI KT266 Pro.  Aside from a few minor issues with the layout, and the higher cost of DDR RAM compared to standard SDRAM, there is nothing negative to report regarding the KT266 Pro.  Throughout testing, working with this board was an absolute pleasure.  Without hesitation we recommend this board to anyone looking build a high-performance Athlon system.  We give the MSI K7T266 Pro our Editor's Choice Award and a HotHardware Heat Meter rating of...



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