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The MSI GNB Max-FISR Motherboard
Intel's Granite Bay With Dual Channel DDR and AGP8X

By, Dave Altavilla
December 8, 2002

Performance Comparisons with XMPEG - Divx 5.02 Conversion
Video Conversion Performance

If there is one test that truly exercises overall system bandwidth, it would have to be a Divx conversion with XMPEG.  Here we've taken a 20MB MPEG 2 file and converted it to Divx format with an installed Divx 5.02 CODEC.



Here the Granite Bay based MSI board shows the same relative scale in performance, that we saw in the previous Winstone tests.  The GNB Max-FISR is some 5% faster than the i850E with PC1066 RDRAM and some 10% faster than the i845PE board.

Performance Comparisons with 3DMark 2001SE
A very Mad Onion

MadOnion's 3DMark 2001SE is up next and it too likes it's healthy share of memory bandwidth but not at the expense of overall CPU performance.  Let's see how things stack up here.

               1024X768 - 32 Bit Color


Well, it's nip and tuck for the i850E PC1066 system and the MSI GNB Max-FISR, however the photo finish goes to the Granite Bay board once again.  This edge is most likely due in part to the AGP8X timing that is driving the Radeon 9700 Pro and giving it a few more clock cycles of bandwidth.  We ran the default benchmark, since it is a well known metric that most folks use.  However, a better test may have been a low resolution mode, where the graphics pipeline would not be the limiting factor.

Quake 3 Arena Time Demo Benchmark
Old, crusty but still relevant

So, here's an example of a test setup where the graphics pipeline will be running flat out and open, barely breaking a sweat at 640X480 resolution.  We set up our Quake 3 Time Demo run at the "Normal" setting with low 640X480 resolution.  This will help to isolate the CPU and showcase overall System Bandwidth as well.

               640X480 - 16 Color and Textures

Get a good look at the scores here.  This is the first and last time in this review, where you'll see the i850E with PC1066 RDRAM, outpace the Granite Bay Dual Channel DDR MSI board.  Although the GNB Max passes by the i845PE board with a 10% lead, it is then surpassed by the i850E system by a small margin of 3.7%.  It's hard to say why this is the case but perhaps it could be that Q3 is heavily weighted by memory bus speed, where the 1.06GHz (533 clock doubled) RDRAM bus gives it the edge.

 Unreal Tournament 2003 and the rating



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