Micron M600 SATA & M.2 Solid State Drive Review

Our Summary and Conclusion

Performance Summary: The Micron M600 family of solid state drives performed relatively well throughout our battery of tests, though it couldn't quite catch Samsung's 850 Pro. The 1TB M600, which doesn't feature Dynamic Write Acceleration, performed best overall, though all of the drives remained competitive throughout. DWA definitely helped performance of the 256GB drives, though it's not designed for sustained sequential transfers. Access times for all of the drives, however, were among the best we've seen.

Micron M600 Solid State Drives -- Find Them At Amazon

Micron didn't provide pricing for the M600 drives we tested, and the drives won't be offered through traditional retail channels, but we're told pricing will be competitive (approximately $.45 - $.55 per GB). Looking back through the performance data, Micron seems to have a nice drive on their hands. Overall performance is good on the 1TB drive and performance on the lower-capacity drives with Dynamic Write Acceleration was strong as well. The 16nm NAND flash memory in the drives is still new and technically unproven, but the drives offer relatively high endurance ratings, especially considering they are consumer-class products and the warranties are standard as well. There isn't any one particular area where the Micron M600 family of drives outshined all others, but they're strong offerings nonetheless, and they're backed by a company that obviously knows a thing or two about flash memory.

  • Good Performance
  • Low Access Times
  • Dynamic Write Acceleration (On Smaller Drives)
  • Flimsy Enclosures
  • Not Class Leading In Any One Category

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