Micron M500DC Enterprise Class SSD Review

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Our Summary and Conclusion

Performance Summary: Micron’s new M500DC series of enterprise-targeted solid state drives offered strong performance across the board. The 800GB and 480GB drives we tested offered competitive sequential and large file transfers, though they didn’t lead the pack in this area. Access times, however, were among the best we’ve seen and 4K random transfers, especially at higher queue depths, were excellent. The Micron M500DC series drives also offered consistent performance regardless of data type being transferred.

The Micron M500DC In 480GB and 800GB Flavors

Micron doesn’t disclose pricing on its enterprise-class drives, but we were told the Micron M500DC series will be "priced competitively versus drives targeting the same market segment" and that they’ll be available immediately. Assuming that holds true, the new Micron M500DC series should be excellent offering in solid state storage. The drives perform well across a variety of workloads, they offer enterprise-class data path protection, and leverage Micron’s XPERT features. They’re also outfitted with power loss protection, and are built with high endurance in mind. These new SSDs will also be offered in both 1.8” and 2.5” flavors. Sequential transfers weren’t quite as high as some competing drives in their category, but overall there aren't many compromises with this new breed of Micron drives. The M500DC series is yet another strong family of products to come out of Micron.

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  • High Endurance
  • Top Notch NAND
  • Speedy 4K Random Transfers
  • Overall Performance
  • Pricing Not Disclosed
  • Larger Sequential Transfers

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