Maingear Rush Review With Radeon R9 295X2 CrossFire

Unigine Heaven Benchmarks

A note on the systems we used in the following tests: We're updating many of our game benchmarks, and as we're building our test bank, we're using scores from the test rig we built to test a slew of graphics cards--hence the "HH Test System" label. That system includes an EVGA X79 Dark motherboard, Intel Core i7-4960X CPU, and 16GB of Corsair DDR3-1866 RAM.

Unigine Heaven Benchmark
DX11 Gaming

Unigine's Heaven Benchmark v4.0 is built around the Unigine game engine. Unigine is a cross-platform, real-time 3D engine, with support for DirectX 9, DirectX 10, DirectX 11 and OpenGL. The Heaven benchmark--when run in DX11 mode--also makes comprehensive use of tessellation technology and advanced SSAO (screen-space ambient occlusion). It also features volumetric cumulonimbus clouds generated by a physically accurate algorithm and a dynamic sky with light scattering.

The Maingear Rush posted strong scores in the Heaven benchmark, but it couldn't quite beat out the test system running the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti SLI configuration. Still, it had the second-best average overall and FPS scores. Though, this benchmark obviously doesn't scale properly across the 4 GPUs.

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