Maingear Rush Review With Radeon R9 295X2 CrossFire

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Power Consumption & Noise

Just like cost, power consumption is one of those things you just have to close your eyes and not think about with a burly system like the Maingear Rush. Still, we wanted to measure just how much juice this thing pulls from the wall both at idle and under load.

Predictably, the Rush pulls a lot of juice from the wall. Even at idle, the system sucks 152W, and under a full load, it hit a monstrous 780W.

At idle, the Rush certainly emits some audible fan noise. However, even under a stressful load, that's about all you get; the noise level is less than what you’d likely expect from such a rig. The whoosh of the fans is noticeable, but it’s by no means overpowering or even annoying. The clacking of a mechanical keyboard will drown it out.

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