Maingear F131 Review: A High Performance Gaming PC Masterpiece

Maingear F131 Review Summary

Performance Summary: If we look at it from strictly a performance perspective, the Maingear F131 system we tested offered some of the best benchmark scores we've seen to date, with the exception of the lighter duty productivity tasks associated with PCMark. In heavier multi-threaded workloads like content creation, the F131 excels, however. While gaming, as you might imagine, this machine lays down the lead in a big way and it took top marks virtually across the board. What's perhaps more impressive is how this machine performed in this way, while maintaining a cool and quiet demeanor.

Maingear F131 Gaming PC

It's hard not to be enamored with a product like the Maingear F131. It's crazy expensive, yes, perhaps impractically so. However, there's no denying that the F131 is an amazing, impressively well-engineered and well-built machine. From its component selection to its super-premium custom paint job, every aspect of this computer has the quality and attention to detail that even the most gifted DIY PC builders would struggle to match. There are other boutique system builders out there that can come close to the F131's build quality and perhaps even surpass it performance-wise with an even more over-the-top configuration. However, what really sets the Maingear F131 apart from the rest of the high-end boutique builds is its APEX cooling system and Maingear's unmatched attention to detail.
Maingear F131 bottom gpu coolin

The Maingear F131, when outfitted with a full APEX ICS (Integrated Cooling System) performs like an amped-up hypercar and it looks just as radical and sexy while doing so. Its dual pumps, massive APEX liquid reservoir and huge 420mm radiator combine to deliver a very powerful cooling solution. And when you factor in its pressure regulation and flow metering, it really takes this system to another level.

Finally, flanked with lots of controllable RGB lighting, tastefully lined in strategic areas inside its custom milled chassis, the F131 just looks (yes we have to say it this way) badass. With the one caveat of a less-than easy to remove rear side panel somewhat restricting access to the power supply and HDD, there's really nothing more we could have asked for in a completely outrageous performance Gaming PC.

Maingear's F131, as fully configured and tested here, is a ridiculously fast, expensive ($9627 as tested), but totally gorgeous killer gaming rig. It's truly a work of performance Gaming PC art and a no-brainer for a HotHardware Editor's Choice. 
hothardware editors choice
  • Killer Good Looks With Jaw Dropping Paint Job
  • Innovative, Highly Effective Apex ICS Cooling 
  • Amazing Build Quality
  • Very Quiet For All That Horsepower
  • Fastest Gaming PC We've Tested Yet
  • Super Pricey
  • Rear Side Panel Not Easily Removable
  • Complex Upgrades Down The Road

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