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The Leadtek Winfast GeForce 2 MX
Worth every cent...and then some...

By Marco "BigWop" Chiappetta


H.H. Test System

InWin Full Tower ATX Case w/ 300W PS, Pentium III 733EB., Tyan S1854 (Via 133A) Motherboard and Leadtek Winfast GeForce 2 MX 32MB  AGP Card, 256MB of PC133 True CAS2 SDRAM from Mushkin, IBM 22Gig 7200 RPM ATA66 Hard Drive, Plextor UltraPlex 40max CDROM, Win 98SE, DirectX 7.0a, nVidia reference drivers (Detonator 3 6.18)

Benchmarks With The Winfast GeForce 2 MX

Now it's time to see how the Winfast GeForce 2 MX handles Quake 3...the "defacto" standard OpenGL benchmark...

Quake 3 Demo001

As you can see, at the fastest setting, this Leadtek board burns right through Quake 3.  Let's move onto the normal setting.

Once again, all the way up to 1024x768, the Winfast GeForce 2 MX simply rocks...over 90FPS is awesome for a card in this price range.  But how does it hold up at the High Quality 32Bit settings?

Ok, here, at least in my opinion, 1024x768 is slightly lacking.  For the most part, 50FPS is acceptable, but for a high-speed first person shooter, you really should want a sustained 60+FPS.  All in all, these are still very respectable.

The Leadtek Winfast GeForce 2 MX is a great product for the money.  We're a little spoiled here on H.H. because we get to play with the cutting edge hardware, but to be honest, even though the MX chipset isn't the top-of-the-line, it impressed me.  For the casual user looking for a capable gaming card, I would definitely recommend the Leadtek GeForce 2 MX.  The overclocking crowd may be left wishing for more, but nonetheless, this board is still worth a look.  We give the Leadtek Winfast GeForce 2 MX a score of...

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