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The Leadtek WinFast 3D S320 II



Once again, these tests were taken on a P2-333 Overclocked to 500 MHz. w/ 128MB of RAM.

 Quake 2 Version 3.20 w/ TNT Detonator Drivers Build Date 2/17/99



As you can see we were able to clock the S320II at 162MHz. this time without any adverse affects. We were able to reach higher clock speeds but there was noticeable visual artifacts and occasional lock ups.  I have a feeling, with more advanced cooling methods, this chip has a lot more headroom. In any case, these are blistering fast scores!

I really like the way the TNT2 scales in the higher resolutions and with heavy texture loads like in the Crusher Demo. This card is the Quake 2 Crusher Demo King!

Kingpin Timedemo Benchmark

Kingpin is the latest and greatest FPS with a graphics designed in 32bit color from the ground up. It deals a heavy blow to any graphics engine in terms of sheer polygon count and textures. The TNT2 did very well here, boasting high res. 32 bit performance at a silky smooth 38+ FPS. Truly, this is a card that will keep pace with technology for some time to come. Last but not least we fired up 3DMark 99!

Tested at 800X600 16Bit Color

This score is pretty impressive since the last time we saw the TNT2 16MB card,it scored around 3,300. Once again, fantastic performance from the WinFast S320II.

In closing I want to point out that this card, although not representative of the top end performance of the TNT2 (we can't wait for Leadtek's Ultra version!), it is currently one of the fastest video cards on the market. The 3D image quality is absolutely the best money can buy at this point in time. With 32MB of SGRAM on board, it is hard to beat this combination!
We give the Leadtek Winfast S320II TNT2 card a Hot Hardware Temp-O-Meter Score of...

95 !! - Get the hose! This card is on fire!


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