Kingston DC500 SSD Review: High Capacity Enterprise Storage

Kingston DXC500R/M - Performance Summary And Conclusion

Performance Summary: The Kingston DC500R and DC500M drives we tested offered competitive performance with other enterprise-class, SATA-based SSDs virtually across the board. The limitations of the legacy SATA interface result in tight groupings in most benchmarks, but overall the Kingston DC500R and DC500M typically offered slightly better write characteristics versus the competing Samsung drives, with competitive reads, but somewhat higher latency, especially under load.

Enterprise-class solid state drives used to cost many multiples of their consumer-class counterparts, but times have changed. The read-centric 3.84TB DC500R is currently available for about $620, and the mixed-use 3.84TB DC500M for about $820. At those prices, the cost per gig of these drives works out to about $0.16 – $0.21. Those numbers might seem a little high versus some consumer-class SSDs, but they are competitive in the enterprise space for drives like these that offer end-to-end data and power-protection and long warranties. For ultimate performance, you should probably look to NVMe-based solutions, but these Kingston DC500 series drives should address the needs of users looking for high-capacity SATA-based drives quite well, without breaking the bank.

  • High Capacities
  • 5 Year Warranties
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Limited By The SATA Interface
  • Higher Latency Under Load

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