Kingston DC500 SSD Review: High Capacity Enterprise Storage

Kingston DXC500R/M - Latency Under Load

For this next set of tests, we measured access latency at various queue depths with the same fully random IOmeter 4K access pattern (67% reads, 33% writes), while each of the drives was also under a sustained sequential write workload. A sustained sequential write across the entire volume was initiated, and when performance plateaued, access latency was measured with IOMeter.

Latency Under Load
Sustained Writes w/ 100% Random 4K Access Pattern




While under load, access latency increases across the board with all drives and all every queue depth. As the load on the drives increases, however, a trend emerges. The Kingston drives offered similar (though slightly better) latency at QD1, but as queue depths increased, the Kingston drives took a larger hit and latency under load was markedly higher than the Samsung drives.

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