Iwill P4R533N i850E Validate for PC1066

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The Iwill P4R533-N Motherboard
Kingston's PC1066 RDRAM

An i850E setup for PC1066 and validated

By Dave Altavilla
July 15, 2002



Finishing thing up, we have MadOnion's new PCMark2002 and the never say die, Quake3 time demo.

PCMark 2002 and Quake 3
More from MadOnion and Id

PCMark2002 certainly has a synthetic feel to it but there are real world compute operations driving the tests themselves.  Here's a quick snip on a few of the tests.

CPU Test:

  • JPEG decompression

  • Zlib compression & decompression

  • Text search

  • MP3 Audio Conversion

  • 3D Vector Calculation


Memory Test Technical details:
Raw read, write, and read-modify-write operations are performed starting from a 3072 kilobytes array decreasing in size to 1536 KB, 384 KB, 48 KB and finally 6 KB. Each size of block is tested two second and the amount of accessed data is given as result. In the STL container test a list of 116 byte elements is constructed and sorted by an integer pseudo-random key. The list is then iterated through as many times as possible for 2 seconds and the total size of the accessed elements is given as result. There are 6 runs of this test, with 24576 items in the largest run corresponding to a total data amount of 1536 KB, decreasing in size to 12288 items (768 KB), 6144 items (384 KB), 1536 items (96 KB), 768 items (48 KB) and 96 items in the smallest run corresponding to 6 KB of total data.


In both the memory and CPU tests, the P4R533-N ran side by side versus the i850 based Asus board.  The good news is, with the i850E based Iwill board, the PC1066 mode of operation with a 533MHz FSB, is tested, validated and technically not an overclock of the memory at all.  With the Asus P4T-E, we're certainly able to run the same but without "official" support of the bus speed or memory speed on the i850 chipset.


This was a bit perplexing but we're going to take it with a grain of salt.  The Iwill P4R533-N bested the Asus board by about 30 points in the hard drive test.  Perhaps there was a small tweak of the Intel Southbridge that afforded the Iwill board an edge.  More than likely, it is a test score deviation than any real world performance differential.


Here we've illustrated what difference Asus' memory "RDRAM Turbo Mode" makes when it is invoked in the BIOS.  The Iwill board is on pace with the Asus board, when set to standard mode.  When in turbo mode, the Asus board commands a 4 frame per second lead.  This is a small edge that any end user would be hard pressed to detect during game play.


The Iwill P4R533-N is a very stable motherboard that offers something different than all other i850E based boards on the market to date.  Iwill has gone ahead and stuck their collective necks out and validated PC1066 RDRAM with the i850E chipset on their board.  Now, we need to caution you that this is of course without Intel's formal blessing for the i850E.  However, that day is coming soon and we applaud Iwill for taking steps to bring next generation technology to market sooner for the end user.  Iwill stands behind their board with specific PC1066 rated memory modules from Samsung and Kingston.  That's all the prospective customer really needs to concern themselves with at the end of the day.

What did leave us a little flat was Iwill's lack of additional pack ins with this board, as well as it's somewhat bland BIOS.  Integrated 10/100 is certainly a welcomed plus but we sure would have liked that 4 channel speaker connector plate to go with the C-Media 6 channel audio chipset.  Additionally, BIOS FSB adjustments could have been a little more granular with 1MHz increments, like we've seen for so long from others in the field.

In our final analysis, the Iwill P4R533-N is a fine example of the i850E chipset tricked out in a design implementation aimed at exploiting the full potential of the chipset and the Pentium 4 processor that it supports.  The board was rock solid stable at PC1066 speeds on our 2.4GHz chip.  We have no qualms recommending this product to any of our readers.  We're giving the P4R533-N a HotHardware Heat Meter Rating of...




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