Intel SSD DC P4510 NVMe PCIe Review: Blistering 3GB/s Transfers, With Low Latency

Intel SSD DC P4510 - CrystalDiskMark x64 Benchmarks

CrystalDiskMark is a synthetic benchmark that tests both sequential and random small and mid-sized file transfers using incompressible data. It provides a quick look at best and worst case scenarios with regard to SSD performance, best case being larger sequential transfers and worse case being small, random transfers.

CrystalDiskMark x64 Benchmarks
Synthetic File Transfer Tests




One again, the Intel SSD DC P4510 8TB drive put up some monster sequential write speeds, leading the pack here. Reads weren't quite as strong relative to the other drives, but they were still very good. The 2TB drive also performed relatively well. Low queue depth 4K reads with the 2TB drive trailed slightly, but writes were stronger and the drive finished about in the middle of the pack. The 8TB drive's low queue depth reads trailed only the 3700 and Optane and in the low queue depth write test, the 8TB and outpaced all of the NAND-based drives.

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