Intel SSD DC P3608 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive Review

Intel SSD DC P3608: Wrap Up

Performance Summary: The Intel SSD DC P3600 series drive we tested offers impressive performance across the board. The 1.6TB model we tested put up the highest number of random IOPS scores we have seen to date, while also offering class-leading transfer rates and very low latency. The Intel SSD DC P3608’s performance was best during more taxing workloads with larger transfer sizes, but even with relatively modest client workloads, the drive offers gobs of bandwidth, sometimes exceeding the 5GB/s Intel lists in the drive’s specifications. Quite simply, the Intel SSD DC P3608 offers extreme performance and is the fastest Solid State Drive we've tested to date.

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Intel SSD DC P3608 Series -- Find Them At Amazon

There was a time when enterprise-class, PCI Express based storage solutions carried astronomical price tags. And while the Intel SSD DC P3608’s ultimate prices will seem daunting compared to consumer-class solutions, they’re fairly aggressive in light of other enterprise-class offerings. As of this publication, Intel has priced the 4TB DC P3608 at $8759, the 3.2TB drive at $7009, and the 1.6TB drive at $3509. Those numbers equate to a cost per GiB of about $2.19. That’s not cheap by any means, but keep in mind we are talking about a top-of-the-line, enterprise-class part targeted at big data and HPC markets. Many drives in this space already command prices in the $2 per GB range and they don't offer nearly the performance of the Intel SSD DC P3608.

In the end, we can’t help but be impressed by the Intel SSD DC P3608 series. The drives offer cutting-edge technology, power loss protection, and end to end data protection, with impressive performance, endurance, and high-reliability ratings, and they do so at competitive price points in their market segments.

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  • Strong Performance
  • Power Loss And Data Protection
  • Cool and Quiet Operation
  • Bleeding Edge Technology
  • Trailed With Small Transfer Sizes
  • Software RAID Required For Full Performance
  • Pricey (Relatively Speaking)

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