Intel SSD 730 Series: Enthusiast Class Storage

Our Summary and Conclusion

Performance Summary: The new Intel SSD 730 series solid state drive is an excellent performer. In most of the tests we ran, the drive put up some of the best scores we’ve seen from a SATA SSD. And in the tests where it didn’t lead the pack, the Intel SSD 730 still remained competitive. The drive offered the highest scores in IOMeter, especially with 4K random transfers. It offered class-leading sequential read speeds, and the drive’s performance remains consistent regardless of the compressibility of the data being transferred. The Intel SSD 730 also put up some of the best write scores we’ve seen with transfer sizes in the 4K – 64K range. Generally speaking, the Intel SSD 730 performs very well, across the board.

The Intel SSD 730 Series Solid State Drive

We don’t have final street pricing for the Intel SSD 730 series just yet, but we expect it to be priced along with the upper echelon of consumer-targeted, enthusiast-class solid state drives when it hits store shelves (MSRPs for the 240GB and 480GB drives are set for $249 and $489, respectively). As well it should be; this drive offers excellent performance and it build around a proven and reliable controller. We can’t realistically speak to the long-term durability of the drive—especially since we’ve only had it for two days—but Intel’s track record in the SSD space is very good, and we don’t expect any surprised with the SSD 730 series.

Intel expects the SSD 730 series drives to ship around March 18. If you’re in the market for a new, high-end solid state drive, and can wait a couple of weeks, the Intel SSD 730 should absolutely be on your short-list of potentials. The Intel SSD 730 480GB drive we tested is one heck of a nice SSD.

Update - 2/28/14: Intel's new SSD 730 Series just hit Amazon for $239 for the 240GB drive and $469 for the 480GB version drive.


  • Strong Performer
  • Proven Technology
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Not Available Yet
  • Enthusiast Class Pricing

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