Intel Solid State Drive 335 Series SSD Review

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Our Summary and Conclusion

Performance Summary: The new Intel SSD 335 series drive is an excellent performer. Like other SandForce-based solid state drives, the Intel SSD 335's performance does vary with the compressibility of the data being transferred, but overall the drive's performance is very good, especially in regard to large sequential transfers and random IO operations are higher queue depths.

 The Intel 335 Series Solid State Drive

Many of Intel’s solid state drive offerings have traditionally been priced at the upper-end of the spectrum. But with the SSD 335 series, pricing is much more competitive. In the lead up to the launch, Intel informed us that they were targeting a price in the $184 range for the 240GB drive we covered here, which puts it at about $0.77 a gigabyte. Actual street pricing at the moment is somewhat higher, however. The Intel SSD 335 is currently priced at about $209, which is still well below a buck a gigabyte and competitive with other drives in its class, but not quite as enticing as their target $184 price.

Regardless, the Intel SSD 335 series drive is an excellent product. Performance was great, it employs some cutting edge technology, and pricing is competitive. Back that up with a 3-year warranty and support from a company like Intel and it’s easy to recommend the Intel SSD 335.

  • Good Performance
  • 3-Year warranty
  • Competitive Pricing


  • Not quite as fast as some other SandForce-Based Drives


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