Intel Pentium E2140 Dual Core Processor

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Futuremark 3DMark and PCMark

Synthetic Benchmarks
Futuremark 3DMark05, 3DMark06 and PCMark05




Both 3DMark05 and 3DMark06 deem the Pentium E2410 as nothing incredibly special, as even when overclocked, this processor will only show performance levels similar to the Core 2 Duo E6600, since these gaming tests are so cache intensive.

PCMark05, however, is less cache heavy, and therefore we see the higher clock speed of the overclocked E2410 processor really deliver solid performance. At stock speeds, of course, the E2410 is the lowest of the bunch, although the performance gap is not incredibly large between this chip and our low-end Core 2 Duo processors.

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