Intel NUC5i5RYK Broadwell-U Mini-PC Review

A Tour Of The NUC5i5RYK

The Intel NUC5i5RYK looks much like previous-generation NUC systems. The sturdy, metal enclosure is about 4” square and a little over an inch high and the front and back and loaded up with various ports. There are some new noteworthy additions that debut with this latest NUC iteration.
broadwell nuc 1
The top of the NUC5i5RYK’s enclosure is a glossy, black plastic, with the power button situation in the front-left corner. The tops of the system are easily removable, and with this generation, Intel has incorporated pass-throughs inside the rig, so partners can customize the lids with additional functionality. NUC systems with NFC built in are coming, and we’ve also heard rumblings of a unit with a TV tuner built into the lid. Of course, simple colors and different textured lids are also a possibility.
broadwell nuc 2

broadwell nuc 3
The NUC5i5RYK is precisely 115mm x 111mm x 32.7mm and the top edge features an angles diamond-cut. On the front, you’ll find a couple of USB 3.0 ports. The blue one is standard fare, but the yellow one offers charging capability, even when the system is off. There is also a combo headphone / microphone jack on the front, along with an infrared sensor, which can be used in a conjunction with a media center remote (or other IR device).

The back of this little rig is packing a power input jack, mini-DisplayPort, a wired network jack, two more USB 3.0 ports, and a mini-HDMI port. We should mention that this little system can be used with 4K displays and both display outputs can be used simultaneously. Not visible is the system’s built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 controller. Also note that the Wi-Fi controller supports Intel WiDi wireless display technology, so wirelessly casting images out to WiDi compatible display is possible with the NUC5i5RYK.

Along either side and the top of the rear there are cooling vents for pulling in or exhausting air from the system as well.

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