Intel Core i7 975 Extreme Edition Processor Review

PCMark Vantage Performance

Next up, we ran the new Core i7 975 through Futuremark’s latest system performance metric built especially for Windows Vista, PCMark Vantage. PCMark Vantage simulates a host of different usage scenarios for various types of mainstream user workloads, including High Definition TV and movie playback and manipulation, gaming, image editing and manipulation, music compression, communications, and office productivity tasks.  Most of the tests are multi-threaded as well, so the tests can exploit the additional resources offered by a multi-core CPU.

Futuremark PCMark Vantage
Simulated Business and Multimedia Application Performance

The first thing that jumps right out in these PCMark Vantage test results is the huge advantage the Core i7 powered systems have in the Gaming test versus the competition.   In the other tests, the Core i7 975's performance scales as you'd expect over the Core i7 965 Extreme chip, but by smaller margins, though sometimes as much as 7% or so. 

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