Intel Core i7-5775C With Iris Pro Graphics Review: Broadwell For Desktops

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The Core i7-5775C Wrap Up

Performance Summary: The Core i7-5775C offers fairly strong performance, though it can't match higher-clocked--and lower priced--processors like the Core i7-4790K in general compute performance, due to the 5775C's lower clocks. When the Core i7-5775C's eDRAM cache and Iris Pro 6200 series graphics engine are factored into the equation, however, the performance prospects shift dramatically, as evidenced by our PCMark and graphics testing.

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Intel Core i7-5775C Processor - Find It At Amazon

The Core i7-5775C is in a strange position. Because it has lower base and turbo clocks than some other Intel processors, it can't quite match their performance in CPU-centric workloads. In situation where the Core i7-5775C's additional cache and GPU resources can be leveraged, however, it has much more potential--the Iris Pro 6200 series graphics engine on this processor is easily Intel's most powerful to date.

There are a couple of other factors to consider, though. First is the Core i7-5775C's price.  At over $540 at the moment, the Core i7-5775C is quite expensive. For that money, you could score a Core i7-4790K and a higher-performing discrete GPU. Of course, that setup would use more power and require a larger form factor, but those detterents probably won't matter to the majority of you. Intel's next-generation Skylake platform is also coming down the pipeline and should hit relatively soon.  We can't talk about numbers just yet, but Skylake should be a fairly strong part.

Ultimately, the Core i7-5775C is a fast, power friendly processor, that also happens to have Intel's fastest graphics core on board. For most users, its relatively high street price will make it a tough sell, unless they absolutely need fast integrated graphics.

  • Iris Pro 6200 Graphics
  • Decent Performance
  • Large eDRAM Cache 
  • Not As Fast As Higher-Clocked Intel Processors
  • Pricey

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