Maxnomic Commander S BWE PC Gaming Chair Review, In The Hot Seat

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Maxnomic Commander S BWE Conclusions

When I first got my hands on the Maxnomic Commander S BWE chair I had some concerns.  I was troubled by the quality control due to the chipping paint on the base, the slight misalignment of the junction between the seat back and base, and the misalignment of the embroidered Maxnomic logos.  Not knowing that the foam required some serious break-in time, I was initially uncomfortable in this chair as well.  I stuck with the Maxnomic Commander S BWE though, and after allowing the foam to break in, I am happy to say that the minor quality quibbles haven’t diminished my experience and that the foam softened up to a point where I find the chair very comfortable, even when sitting it in for extended periods of time.  The chair has held up well under heavy use and has not shown any signs of wear or tear either.

Maxnomic kick

The Maxnomic Commander S is very stylish with its contrasting black and white design and high back, but I would not say that this chair comes close to the ergonomic comfort that the design experts at Herman Miller have achieved.  It would be hard to find a new Herman Miller in this kind of form factor, and with as many features and adjustments, for less than a grand though.  I do feel that the design and features on this chair are more robust than DXRacer's, however, especially with the integration of the lumbar support dial.

Overall, I beleive that the Maxnomic Commander S BWE is pretty good value for money.  The chair flaunts sharp styling, the design and components are more refined than others in the segment, and especially after a couple months of use, the foam becomes quite comfortable in my opinion.

Maxnomic butt
Should you spend $469 on a gaming chair? That depends on what you're looking for.  If you want a gaming chair that looks like it was torn from a Lamborghini, then I would say yes. If you want something more conservative and more plush, I might say no.  After using this chair for a few months I don't think the Maxnomic Commander S BWE strikes the perfect balance of style, design and ergonomic comfort. It is, however, still a pretty great chair--it's just not perfect and it probably best suited to people hovering around 6' tall. Based on how little wear and tear the chair has shown over the last few months, it will seemingly last forever too. This thing has help up remarkably well.  Considering the robust materials and extensive feature set the Maxnomic Commander S BWE represents a pretty good value for money.  Unless one of the quibbles I've mentioned is a deal breaker, you can rest assured that the Maxnomic Commander S BWE is a safe bet.

  • Highly Adjustable
  • Great Looks
  • Very Durable
  • Recliner Spring Is Too Strong
  • Some Minor Quality Control Issues

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