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3DMark06 Standard Test

On the next few pages, we'll focus on a few gaming specific benchmarks, starting with the rest of 3DMark06's modules.

Futuremark 3DMark06
Synthetic DirectX Gaming

When it was released, 3DMark06 was a hard-core, forward-looking 3D rending benchmark that pushed a system and its GPUs to the limits. The test includes Shader Model 2.0, Shader Model 3.0, and HDR tests. To push the system, scenes are rendered with very high geometric detail and shader complexity, and with extensive use of lighting and soft shadows. The maximum shader length 3DMark06 supports is 512 instructions. The 3DMark06 Overall Score is a weighted average based on the SM 2.0 and HDR / SM3.0, and CPU scores.

The Gamer Paladin F970’s GeForce GTX 295 and fast CPU gives it the top spot in the 3DMark06 overall test with a score of 19,391 3DMarks. Since real-world 3D game play is influenced by processing speed and graphics capabilities, and since this test reflects upon these two components, it makes sense that the Gamer Paladin F970 would fare well.

In the Shader Model 2.0 test, the Gamer Paladin F970 came in third, just behind the Velocity Micro Z55 with dual Radeon HD 4850 cards and the Dell XPS 730x H2C with a GeForce GTX 280. In the Shader Model 3.0/HDR test, the Gamer Paladin F970 once again regains its No.1 spot.

To give you another perspective on how the Gamer Paladin F970 stacks up, we’ll look at a few real-world gaming tests next.

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