HIS X850XT IceQII Turbo and Platinum Series VIVO 256MB AGP

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Benchmarks & Comparisons With Doom 3 - Multi-player

Benchmarks & Comparisons With Doom 3 - Multi-player
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Doom 3
The first round of Doom 3 focused on single-player performance.  In this round we'll run a series of multiplayer tests and see how things unfold.  These timedemos were run with our custom "HH_Frag2" demo, which is a recording of a five-player online match that took place in the "Frag Chamber" map area. We ran benchmarks with Doom 3 set to its "High-Quality" mode at resolutions of 1,024 x 768 and 1600 x 1200 without any anti-aliasing enabled and then with 4X AA and 8X Aniso enabled concurrently.  Note: Doom 3 enabled 8X anisotropic filtering automatically when set to "High Quality" in the game's control panel.

With the multi-player segment, the GeForce 6800 made a strong stand against the two X850XT models.  At 1024x768, all three were virtually tied with NoAA testing.  Once we enabled 4XAA/8X Aniso, we saw a proper decline from the fastest to the slowest card.  When we increased to 1600x1200, the 6800 managed the top spot at 91.4FPS and managed to keep a second spot with 4XAA/8X Aniso enabled.  At this stage, we are still seeing a degree of CPU limitation influencing the scores at 1600x1200, which was evident with this minor flipflop of 4XAA/8X Aniso scores between the X850XTs.

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