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Hercules Video - Prophetview 920 Pro DVI
A Gamer's Flat Panel And More

Jason R. Gibson
January 15th
, 2004

It has been a while since we at Hot Hardware have taken a look at a new Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).  Back in March of 2001 my fellow H.H. colleague, Dave, ventured a look at one of the forerunners of modern LCD displays.  Needless to say, since that time, LCD's have come a long way.  Faster response times, viewing angles and contrast ratio have brought somewhat slow and occasionally grainy displays into arms reach of CRT monitor performance levels, with better brightness and clarity.

In the past, LCD's offered a 2D Desktop image that was hard to surpass.  However, available technology limited liquid crystal cell response times (typically 25-45ms) which resulted in blurry or streaking images during fast paced multimedia or gaming applications.  Nowadays, through various technical achievements of Thin Film Transistors (TFT) displays, higher end products can deliver response times under 20ms with minimal ghosting effects.

With all of that in mind, Hercules' most recent offering in the market of LCD solutions is the Prophetview 920 Pro DVI.  Appearance wise, it looks very similar to its predecessors.  Sporting a comparable bezel and the "trademark" boomerang support stand, one could mistakenly say they are the one and the same.  The difference that sets the 920 Pro apart from the rest of Hercules's LCD product line is the use of a new panel able to produce 20ms response times.  Offering not only an increase in response time, but viewing angle (H170°/V150° instead of H150°/V130°) and contrast ratio (430:1 instead of 350:1), Hercules new LCD display should drive fairly impressive image quality.

Specifications / Features of the Prophetview 920 Pro DVI
The Hard Numbers...


  Box Dimensions:   Height: 513mm - Width: 490mm - Depth: 160mm
  Box + Product:   7.364 Kg
  Master Carton Dimensions:   Height: 530mm - Width: 500mm - Depth: 170mm
  Master Carton Capacity:   1 Unit


? 17?? LCD TFT monitor
? DVI input
? Response time: 20ms
? Viewing angle: 170°/150°
? Contrast: 430:1
? Brightness:250cd/m²

Package Contents

? Prophetview 920 Pro
? User Manual (CD)
? DVI/VGA Adapter
? Euro+UK+Swiss AC adapters (Europe version)
? US+Australia AC Adapters (US+Australia version)

Hercules Support

  • The product is guaranteed for exchange for up to 3 years
  • Hotline and technical support available by phone or e-mail

Minimum System Requirements

  • Pentium® or equivalent and higher, 10MB hard disk space, 16MB RAM
  • DVI Graphics Card or VGA Graphics Cards (thanks to the provided adapter)
  • CD-ROM drive


Click Images for Full View

Front of Box

Back of Box

Side of Box



Display Controls

Side of Display

Back of Display


Mechanically, the Prophetview does not offer anything new, compared to similarly priced LCD Displays.  Thankfully, what it lacks in physical functionality it makes up for in aesthetics.  Mounting on a solid metal "boomerang" shaped stand, the shapely gloss black display will surely add an extra measure of "swank" to any system it is incorporated with.  Unfortunately, the only physically adjustable feature of the Prophetview is the vertical tilt of the display.  We would have liked to have seen the implementation a horizontal swivel for the metal base.  Though it is very eye-catching, we feel the dime sized rubber feet on the underside of the "boomerang" do not offer people, who constantly reposition their display, a large enough area of protection form scratches on most surfaces.  Nevertheless, for those consumers whom leave their display in a static position, or choose to wall mount the display, this issue will not come into factor.

Bundled with the Prophetview is everything that is needed to connect and install the display correctly to either a PC or Mac.  Along with the main LCD Display unit, the Prophetview comes with a North American and European power receptacle adapter, AC power block, DVI to DVI adaptor, DVI to VGA converter and an installation CD.  This is a fairly comprehensive bundle for a display monitor or flat panel.  The Prophetview 920 Pro DVI offers a multitude of connective options, that ensure a large portion of the consumer basis will be able to link up and install the display with little hassle and fuss.


Setup and Installation

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