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Hercules Audio - DJ Console
Portable DJ Mix Controller & Multi-Channel Audio

Jason R.Gibson
October 29th, 2003



Mixing Capabilities and Final Thoughts
Things that make you go "Hhhmmm"

Before our final thoughts, we wanted to touch on the actual mixing performance of the Console. This area is hard a bit of a challenge to make a universal evaluation of, because the limitations of the DJ Console are basically determined by the software package that is implemented with it. However, the DJ Console offers such a user friendly interface, that after the initial set up we where spinning the wheels of steel... eerr... make that "rubber" in a matter minutes. After playing with each of the various pieces of software that were include in the bundle, we decided that Atomic's Virtual DJ offered the best overall experience with the DJ Console.  Certainly, the other included pieces of software do offer individual benefits over one another, it's just that Virtual DJ was the most well rounded package.

To keep things honest, and unbiased, the DJ Console does have one minor flaw, there is a bit of latency between button push, and software response. Though, this is somewhat expected due to the Consoles USB 1.1 connection to the computer.  The resident HH DJ (yours truly), was having a few issues timing his beat matching/scratch/etc due to being accustom to the instantaneous response of actual DJ Equipment and traditional turn-table. All in all, we did learn to compensate for the delay in response and we were back to having fun with the equipment in short time. One question can only be raised here however, as to why a USB 2.0 interface was not implemented during the design process of this console.

On the whole, we have to say that we are generally impressed with the Hercules DJ Console. Though this device is aimed at a very specific niche market, it should grab the attention of those in the DJ'ing industry. Offering the latest in audio quality, 24bit and 5.1 Surround Sound output, is truly an asset that the audiophile will rejoice over. Though we at H.H. can not see a huge number of people purchasing the DJ console as an external sound alternative, these features just add to its already asset rich offering. A quick glance may inspire the thoughts of a toy like product, which is far from the truth. Offering more functions then the average DJ would look for, the DJ Console is well worth the expected shelf price of $249.99 USD. The only draw back in our opinion is the use of the USB 1.1 controller in this unit. We are still slightly confused as to why Hercules would produce a product of this caliber and not incorporate USB 2.0 or Firewire support.  Perhaps the answer lies in some bandwidth versus latency struggle at the engineering level but it would seem that the over all responsiveness of USB 2.0 would enhance the responsiveness of the Console as well.

Consider a classy software bundle, a little literature, USB cable and a shoulder strap to go with the unit and you have the concept of the final retail package here. In the end, for delivering such a unique product with fantastic quality, price, performance and features, we are awarding the Hercules DJ Console 8.5 out of 10 on the heat scale.


  • Protective Cover
  • Shoulder Strap
  • High Output LED's
  • Tactile Controls
  • Loaded Software Bundle
  • 24bit Audio
  • Loads of Connective Options
  • 100% USB Powered
  • No EAX Support
  • USB 1.1, Not USB 2.0
  • Slight Latency


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