GSKill Phoenix Pro: Little Drive, Lotta Performance

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CrystalDiskMark Benchmarks

CrystalDiskMark is another synthetic test we've started looking at that evaluates both sequential as well as random small and large file transfers.  It does a nice job of providing a quick look at best and worst case scenarios with SSD performance, best case being large sequential transfers and worse case being small, random 4K transfers.

CrystalDiskMark Benchmarks
Synthetic File Transfer Tests

In CrystalDiskMark, the Phoenix Pro, which was formerly tripping down the performance lane with the light step of an eight year old girl, flumps to the earth with the grace of a half-frozen manatee tossed from a helicopter. We ran HDDErase and retested the drive multiple times, but our numbers stayed consistent.

The Phoenix Pro's Sequential Read performance isn't bad—the C300 runs away with this one—but its Sequential Write speeds are barely faster than the Intel X25-M. We see this repeat in several other tests--the GSkill's write rate lags the F100, which also uses a SandForce SF-1200 controller, by nearly 33 percent in 512K blocks. It matches the F100 in 4K Read/Writes but falls behind again in 4KQ32 tests.

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