GlobalFoundries Details Plans For 2011 And Beyond

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We saw slides and details on GlobalFoundries roadmap that we aren't allowed to post at present; what we can tell you is that the foundry's manufacturing timetable remains aggressive through the next 4-5 years. GF has already adopted double patterning for 32/28nm production and is researching extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV). There are certain problems with EUV that have yet to be licked, but there's time enough to address the problem—double-patterning should be effective down to 20nm technology and it's not the only multi-pattern option.

GlobalFoundries isn't talking much about catching up to Intel (at least not yet), but if the company remains on schedule the gap between the two should slowly start to narrow. Regardless of how much that particular gap changes, GlobalFoundries is going to rattle the balance of power in the worldwide foundry industry over the next 12 months. It's been years since TSMC faced much competition for first-source designs—we'll see if it remembers how to fight.

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