Gigabyte's Q4 Product Blitz From GeForce RTX To Intel Z390

Gigabyte's Other Components and Peripherals

Gigabyte's component line-up now includes Aorus RGB and Gigabyte memory (3200MHz and 2666MHz respectively), Gigabyte UD Pro Series SATA SSDs, 850W and 750W Aorus Gold fully-modular power supplies, and the Fan Commander which supports up to 8 fans, RGB LEDs, or Addressable LED devices.

gigabyte aorus fan commander

Moving outside the case, Gigabyte has launched the Aorus K9 Optical Mechanical Keyboard and Aorus M5 Optical Gaming Mouse. The keyboard is available in either Red (linear) or Blue (tactile) switch types. Rather than Cherry switches, however, the K9 uses Flaretech opto-mechanical switches, boasting a 0.03ms de-bounce time to Cherry’s 5ms. The lack of metal contacts also means the keyboard is fully splash-proof and in some cases can even withstand full submersion.

gigabyte aorus k9 keyboard

The M5 is a capable gaming mouse with its 16,000 dpi Pixart 3389 sensor and adjustable weights, but what we really appreciate is its nicely diffused RGB lighting. The diffusion here is similar to what is found in the Aorus motherboards. We find it results in a softer accent than the typical neon RGB glow that accompanies most RGB products.

gigabyte aorus m5

Gigabyte seems to be making an earnest effort to streamline their product segments which we can appreciate as consumers. For motherboards especially, the performance edge one may provide over another is only likely to matter to a subset of hardcore overclockers. Most enthusiasts are simply looking for a durable board with the I/O they need, if it can deliver stable power for reasonable overclocks, and Gigabyte’s investment in robust VRM solutions across the Z390 lineup promises just that. It can be quite insightful to spend some quality time with a component manufacturer, and this trip was no exception.

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